1:1 Private Coaching

You have an unconventional vision.

Deep down, you know you’re destined for greatness. You have a track record of attempting the impossible and achieving the incredible. And though you’ve always been a super-performer, you know you’re not even close to realizing your full potential.

You know you’re meant to contribute to the evolution of humankind and influence transformation on a global scale. You are a game-changer, a courageous leader in this emerging new world.
Are you ready to realize who you truly are?  To take on a breathtaking life of exponential growth and extraordinary achievement?

As in “I-can’t-believe-this-is-my-life.”

If you’re like many of my clients when they start working with me, you feel an existential sense of yearning: an intensity, drive and passion that those around you don’t seem to have or understand.

You yearn to step fully into your power. And at the same time you’re afraid of what would happen if you did.
I’m here to guide you: to help you stay focused and aligned with your purpose and vision.

I will help you think — and show up — bigger than you ever have before. To take inspired action with more ease than you thought possible. To venture outside your comfort zone to even greater victories.

I believe in you.

Coaching with me is a creative partnership, an intense, rich and transcendent journey. You show up and hold nothing back, and I do the same. Sometimes the journey will be exciting, playful and celebratory; sometimes it will be scary, uncomfortable, and challenging.

Coaching with me isn’t for everyone.

I work mainly by referral and invitation — when I meet someone who deeply inspires me, I invite them into a coaching conversation. If what I’ve written resonates, send me an email and we’ll see if there’s a fit.

If I think we have the potential for alchemy, I’ll invite you into a powerful coaching conversation, where we’ll dive deep and explore what you want to create in your life and the world. And then we’ll see. Maybe that one session will be all you need.

Or, maybe I’ll invite you to step into an alternate future, where we partner together to accelerate your vision into reality, and your life becomes one of synchronicity and creation.

My clients invest from $15,000 to $100,000 to work with me.

But more importantly, they invest their time, their energy and their full openness to growing in all areas of their lives.

You are …

  • Committed to living a life of growth, learning and passion.
  • A maverick with a vision to discover, invent or create something that will make a difference to humanity.
  • Someone with a track record of exponential growth.
  • Highly creative, deeply intuitive, and beautifully sensitive.
  • A bold action taker who’s willing to dive head-first into a new adventure.
  • Misunderstood as ‘too much’, ‘too intense’, or ‘unrealistic.’
  • Ready to realize your true genius.

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