[PODCAST] Leveraging the Power of Trust, Micro-Recovery and Vulnerability, with Rich Diviney

“You would look around and say to yourself, “Man, this is just a group of tremendously good, talented human beings and even though the circumstances might be miserable, here we are laughing and getting through it.”

Those are the words of Rich Diviney,  a former Navy SEAL commanding officer with 20+ years of experience with the SEAL teams, including 11 deployments  to Iraq and Afghanistan. You probably don’t think of elite military forces as funny guys but a sense of humor, it turns out, is a de facto component of mental toughness and baked into their training. (In fact, one of the time-honored rituals when we’re training SEAL candidates is to have the new guy stand up and tell a joke by way of introduction.)

That’s where our conversation for the Mental Toughness for Mavericks podcast  began and from there we went on to talk about how SEAL teams are able to create such incredible trust and lifelong bonds, their approach to training (as distinct from education) and Rich’s take on how leaders can show vulnerability without looking weak.

No matter your background, I think you’ll find some practical wisdom that you can translate into your own life. Enjoy! And if you like what you hear, please a review so others can take advantage of this info as well, thank you!