Achieving Goals: What’s Flow Got To Do With It?

Here’s a question: do you have a particular goal you’re working toward at the moment? Are you, for the most part, enjoying the training or practicing or working hard part of achieving it? If not, you need to find a different goal — or change the way you think about it.

Why? Because the best part of achieving your goals is not the fleeting moment of achieving the end result. The real value of setting goals is what you have to do, and go through, to accomplish them. It’s about the process.

When your focus is on the process, you’re more likely to get into the blissful, productive state of flow. And, in turn, being in the flow will heighten your enjoyment of the process.

As Penelope Trunk says over at Brazen Careerist:

You can set a goal and then be in a state of flow every day as you try to meet that goal. When you restructure your day you get more self-discipline spread all over your day. And when you put yourself into that state of flow every day, then your body gets used to that, and you elevate your whole life to one that sort of demands that state on a regular basis.

Welcome to the virtuous cycle: Focusing on the process leads to flow, which deepens enjoyment of the process, which increases the likelihood of achieving your goal.

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